Oil on canvas
16.5 x 24.25 in. unframed. 22 x 30 in. framed.
Price available upon request.

Henri-Joseph Harpignies (June 28, 1819 – August 28, 1916) was a renowned French landscape painter of the Barbizon school.

Despite his parents’ wishes that he study business, Harpignies attended Jean Achard’s atelier in Paris, where he learned the sound draughtsmanship that provided the foundation of his landscapes. He eventually fell in with the Barbizon masters and formed a strong friendship with Corot, with whom he moved to Italy in 1860. After his first great success at the Salon in 1861, he became one of their regular exhibitors, and won his first medal for “Le Soir dans La Campagne de Rome” in 1886.

Several of his best works were painted in the Nivernais region, as well as the Auvergne and Bourbonnais regions in central France.