Fernand Leger, The Couple

Artist: Fernand Leger 
Title: The Couple, 1955
Nationality: French
Medium: Lithograph 
Dimensions: Framed 33 x 28″ Unframed 27 x 21 “

Price: $4,500

This Fernand Leger lithograph is a fabulous piece of cubist and modern art. The figures are seen sitting together intimately and dressed for a sunny days outing. The female figure is holding a flower in her left hand while resting her right hand on her partner’s shoulder. One of the most eye catching features of this piece is Leger’s bold use of all three primary colors that engage the viewer balance the scene.

Condition notes: Slight foxing in some areas of the lithograph, no tears or folds in the paper and is set very evenly in it’s frame.

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