Jacko Vassilev - Dance of Zlatio Zlatev

Artist: Jacko Vassilev
Title: Dance of Zlatio Zlatev
Nationality: Bulgarian
Medium: Oil on Canvas
Dimensions: 17 x 21 framed 10 x 15 unframed 

This photograph was taken in 1989 when Bulgaria was finally liberated from the Soviet Union. The man who is seen in the photograph was a pilot for the Bulgarian royal family up until 1946. When the communist party took power they commanded Zlatio to fly for the military as a bomber pilot, to which he refused due to his religious beliefs. Since they couldn’t utilize him they decided to lock him up in a prison camp where he would stayed for over 15 years. This shot was taken when Zlatio was finally released. There was music in the street as many were celebrating the changing of  government. Zlatio began to dance and Jacko captured the moment see above. Jacko spoke out the the man and said “Zlatio you look like you’re flying again” to which he replied “the communists broke my wings but could not break my spirit.  

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