Jacko Vassilev - Joy After Homemade Wine

Artist: Jacko Vassilev
Title: Joy After Homemade Wine, Friends from Childhood
Nationality: Bulgarian
Medium: Gelatin Silver ed. 21/50
Dimensions: 17 x 21″ framed 10 x 15″ unframed¬†

Joy After Homemade wine is a charming and expressive shot that has captured a moment of pure laughter. The women in this photograph are best friends from childhood and even built their houses right next door to each other. The subject of this hilarity is centered around their homemade wine that they offered to Jacko. Jacko thanked them pleasantly but explained that he does not drink. To which they replied “you don’t drink? What kind of Bulgarian are you?” This piece is a showcase for lifelong friendship and the joy that it brings to us.¬†

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