Jean Baptiste Camille Corot - Barbizon Scene

Artist: Jean Baptiste Camille Corot
Title: Barbizon Scene
Nationality: French
Medium: Oil on Canvas
Dimensions:  12 x 17.5 unframed 18 x 24.5 framed 

Jean Baptiste Camille Corot (1796-1875) French landscape and portrait painter as well as a printmaker in etching.  A pivotal figure in landscape painting, his vast output (over 3,000 paintings) simultaneously references the Neo-Classical tradition and anticipates the plein-air innovations of Impressionism. Corot received a scholarship to study at the Lycee Pierre-Corneille in Rouen, but left after having scholastic difficulties and entered a boarding school. He was not a brilliant student, and throughout his entire school career he did not get a single nomination for a prize, not even for the drawing classes. Corot’s palette is restrained, dominated with browns and blacks (“forbidden colors” among the Impressionists).  Like similar Barbizon scenes, this painting has a moody quality, characterized by a contemplative lyricism, a lone boatman with his peasant cottage looming nearby against a backdrop of dwellings on the other bank peaks our curiosity as to the inhabitants and diversity of lifestyles on each side of the river.

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