Mandalay Burmese Buddha

Artist: Unknown
Title: 19th Century Mandalay Burmese Buddha
Nationality: Burma
Medium: Teak
Dimensions:  7′ x 3′ x 1.5′

This brilliant Burmese Buddha is one of the finest antiques we have acquired in a number of years. It is estimated to have been constructed between the 18th-19th century. Standing just under 7 feet tall it is a one of a kind gem used traditionally for temple worship. The craftsman carved the entire piece out of a teak tree trunk and then embellished the entire piece in brilliant red lacquer design work. At the base, Buddha is standing on a blossoming lotus and in his hand Buddha holds the medicinal myrobalan fruit. 

Mandalay was considered the center of the Buddhist universe in Myanmar. King Mindon moved the capital from Amarapura to this new site and called it the city of Mandalay. Tradition maintains that Gautama Buddha visited the sacred peak of Mandalay Hill with his disciple Anada, and proclaimed that the 2400th anniversary of his death, a metropolis of Buddhist learning would be founded on the plain below the hill. The political center of this new city had the perfect geometrical form of a Buddist Mandala, for which the city was Mandalay.

The Mandalay period ends at the time when the Burmese gained its independence from the British. 

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