Robert Delval, FAP'ANIS

Artist: Robert Delval
Title: Fap’Anis
Nationality: French 1930
Medium: Lithograph 
Dimensions:  49″ x 65″ 


Stunning French Deco spirit advertisement poster. This vibrant lithograph was constructed by Robert Delval and his collective and completed in 1930. The poster is assumed an advertisement for an absinthe company. The subject matter is a famous French flapper Gaby Deslys, originating from Marseille (short for “Gabrielle of the Lillies”), a dancer, singer, and actress who achieved fame on two continents. The interesting thing about his piece is the actual bottling company didn’t arise until several years after the posters release. It is unknown if the art purely inspired the later company to arise or if they were actually related.

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