Salvador Dali – Papillan Acciennes Set (4)



Salvador Dali – Papillan Acciennes, Spanish (1904-1989)

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Salvador Dali “Papillons Anciennes” Tarot Card Series. This suite of four was created in 1977 and is signed in pencil in the lower right corner. Lithograph edition 119/150.

Plate Canceled.

I: Courtesan (Eight of Swords) Single female figure based on Caravaggio’s “Penitent Magdalene”

II: Renaissance: (Six of Swords) Six Female nudes based on Ingres “The Turkish Bath”

III: Naissance (Six of Swords) Male figure in boat, based on Delacroix’s “The Barque of Dante”

IV: Courtier (Five of Swords) Male figure based on Van Dyck’s “Portrait of Charles I

Dimensions 19 in

Lithograph Signed in Pencil ed 119/150


19"x28" 27"x36