Lady in Green - Rory Wagner
The Girl In Green

The Girl In Green

A beautiful Vermeer-esque portrait of woman wearing green headdress and shawl. Her eyes seem to follow you around the room. Framed. Ready for prominent display in your collection. Wagner, who was awarded the 2006 New Mexico Governor’s Award for excellence in the arts, was raised in Florida and made Taos his home some 30 years ago. Wagner’s iconic work consisted mostly of large-scale, highly detailed portraits of American Indian figures and earlier works in the Cowboy genre. The Nationally acclaimed painter was noted in 1982 as America’s Finest Young Realist in the New York Times. A protege of R.C. Gorman, Wagner was a self-taught painter with a photographic memory that aided in capturing the meticulous details in his work. His style was reminiscent of early Dutch portraiture a lá Vermeer.

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Rory Wagner (1950-1982, American)


The Girl In Green


Oil on Canvas, 59″ x 57″